About Us

We Help People To Get Their Life Better.

The HELP office at Sargodha, Pakistan is dedicated to eradicate poverty by giving persons skills and education that would equip them to lead better and more fulfilling lives. Promoting gender equality, HELP offers special programs for women empowerment. Elimination of hunger by providing resources and training individuals to be self-sufficient and earn a living for themselves. Health care services improving general health and the quality of life of individuals lacking in resources making them fitter and healthier individuals of society.

Human Empowerment for Life Program (HELP) is a Non Profit, Non-Governmental and Non Political Organization that established on July, 2015 under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance Act 1984. HELP mandate is to empower the people’s potential and undertake development activities in Pakistan.

The focus is placed on providing education, as well as medical and other basic necessities. To meet the needs of children HELP is supplemented with several additional programs such as our education projects, medical health clinics and seasonal food distribution.


Flood Relief Program

Scholarship Program