General Support Program

We Support People

To Empower Them

HELP organization provides support which is given to the supported force as a whole and not to any particular subdivision thereof. Kind supports are free food or housing that a family receives, usually in exchange for work or services. In-kind resources, or non-cash contributions, might be things you'd otherwise pay for, or they might be things that money just can't buy. When someone volunteers to give you a service, supplies or free help, you're receiving inkind support. If another organization provides free of charge office equipment or meeting space, that’s in-kind support.

Traditionally in-kind assistance, through the provision of commodities and services, has dominated humanitarian aid. Recently there has been an acknowledgement that cash transfers on their own or in complement to in-kind distributions can be effective in humanitarian assistance by supporting beneficiary access to commodities and services. Cash transfers offer greater choice to beneficiaries and foster dignity in the receipt of assistance.

HELP General Support Program Objectives

  1. Provide in-kind support or financial support to deserve ones(General Public).
  2. We also provide financial or in-kind support to organization / institute.
  3. To reduce the poverty through HELP General Support Program.
  4. This project is targeting orphans and poor families.

Current & Future Aspects of HELP General Support Program

  1. HELP are providing the in-kind and financial support to people, organizations. and institutes.
  2. Our future aim is to provide cash for work to people and organizations after reviewing their desired project or work report.