Go Organic

We Are Committed

To Produce & Provide An Organic Food

HELP Green continuously working for improving the environment and people health and life. Grains are very important for human life. Now a day in market grains are easily available but they are made from chemical fertilizer. HELP Green starts a project named “Go Organic”.

In HELP Go-Organic, we conduct multiple surveys in different areas for the cultivation of grains. We made an agreement with a farmer and pay them for land on which we start our project and pay all kind of expense (labor & others) and material (organic fertilizer, seeds, water for fields, mud & others) for the cultivation of grain with organic fertilizer and we distribute the gained output in deserving people of society. We bear all the expenses.

We have done multiple projects, in which we have produced different food items through following the pure organic techniques. Our recent Go-Organic Project of “Cultivation of Wheat” to distribute in the deserving people who can’t afford the food for their family.

HELP Objective of Go Organic Program

  1. Produce the 100% pure organic grain.
  2. Distribute the gained wheat among the deserving people especially who can’t afford the price due to lack of finances.
  3. Produce 100% natural food items this is free of chemicals and more beneficial for the human health.
  4. Give the awareness in the society for using the organic food and organic fertilizer through this we get more output.

Benefits of HELP Go Organic Program

  1. It's 100% natural and free of chemicals.
  2. It prevents us from a lot of diseases which we get from the chemical based fertilizer.
  3. Healthier food than chemically fertilized food.
  4. If you go with organic, you will get better results than using a chemically fertilized food items.
  5. Produce more organic food / grains and help the deserving people of the society.