Food Assistance

Help the Hungry

Help To Change A Life Forever

HELP Food Assistance Program has been developed with ongoing distribution of food to poverty-stricken families. Families are distributed with dietary such as rice, flour, oil, meat, sugar, tea and etc. These dietary items not only fulfill the nutrient requirements as well as decreases frustration among those who are feeling helpless and decreases crime in society so that these families / beneficiaries may contribute in the society in a healthy manners. This food gives them energy to revive and take a fresh start after their hunger has been satisfied. Availability and distribution of free food decreases frustration among those who are feeling helpless and decreases crime in society.

Criterion for Food Registration & Distribution

  1. Food assistance would be for the poverty-stricken families.
  2. Filling the registration form with the nominal registration fee with the purpose to have the ownership of the beneficiaries.
  3. Only one beneficiary would be selected from one household.
  4. Household caring orphaned children less than 18 years old and who are fulfilling the registration criteria.
  5. Elderly citizens (more than 60 years old) who are incapable of undertaking his/her dietary needs.
  6. Household with chronically affected diseased members.

Some Activities & Projects from HELP Food Assistance Program

Feature Vision of HELP Food Bank

A system of issuing Food Cards to the registered beneficiaries to buy essential items including flour, sugar, pulses and etc. from the HELP Utility Stores at affordable prices is under consideration and would be implemented as soon as its parameters are fully worked out. Furthermore the skilled and educated deserving Food Card Members and their families would be assisted with the employment / job facilities.