Save Tree

Save Life

HELP Plantation Program under the supervision of HELP Green. We are continuously working for improving the environment and people health and life. We aim to protect the environment through the natural resources. We are working on this project and many people are working in this project voluntarily. We have implanted many plants. We believe that natural resources are best protected when local people play an active role in their care and management. We have conducted many sessions to give the awareness in society about how to protect and save the environment through these natural resources.

Different Activities of HELP Plantation Program


We have done multiple projects in Plantation Program under the supervision of HELP Green, in this project we have implated many plants at different urban areas

HELP Objective of Plantation Program

  1. To keep the environment & as well as atmosphere safe from the pollution.
  2. Through implanting the plants the oxygen level will enhance in our societies.
  3. Through plants we can change the environmental issues and diseases.
  4. To make the city or area and place beautiful and green.

Benefits & Future Mission of HELP Green - Plantation Program

  1. Through plants we can change the environmental issues.
  2. Through plants, the climate will change.
  3. Through plants we can make the area and place more beautiful.
  4. Oxygen will increase and the temperature will surely change.

HELP Green - Plantation Program future mission is to implant 10,000 plants across multiple cities especially in those areas where plants are very rare and the temperature at it's peak sometimes, so with the help of this plants and greenery we can play a role to maintain a climate in those area.