Graveyard Improvement

Sketch Line of Cemetery

Planning Of Graveyard

In Pakistan, the condition of graveyards are in worst condition. Nobody will think to improve these places. There are no passage area for people who come there at their ancestor's graves. HELP's take an initiative to work in these places. Graveyard Improvement Program have done many phases through HELP Green and the work is still continue to improve the place. The objective of  this project is to create a Park like environment where people can visit or come at their ancestor's graves with ease and comfortably. 

HELP Graveyard Improvement Program is under the HELP Green. In Pakistan nobody gives an importance to our Graveyards. A lot of garbage and waste material are there and no one can work to keep that area clean.

HELP starts working in these types of places to keep them neat and clean. There is no way and passage area for the people who come there to see the graves of their forefathers / family members and still we are working in this type of area for the local public.

We have Plan of development for unplanned land and we have done multiple projects, in which we have develop the Graveyard's. Graveyard Improvement Program under the supervision of HELP Green, we still working on other areas.

HELP Objective of Graveyard Improvement Program

  1. To improve the condition and situation of graveyard and graves
  2. There is no passage in the graveyard, so we build multiple passages for the people who come there.
  3. No one will there for look after that area, so HELP Green take an initiative to looker after that area for the sake of GOD and his people.
  4. We have made passage, main gates, improvement of graves, implant the plants, make that area clean and etc.