Help Closet

Help Closet

HELP is a non-profit organization that is continuously trying to help humanity in multiple ways. HELP Closet program is started for needy people who want clothes, shoes, bags, bath accessories, kitchen items, and other  necessities.

There are more than 12 programs in this organization and we are trying to increase programs for the welfare of the homeless and people in need which includes food, education, healthcare, women empowerment, plantation, and more.

We welcome volunteers who want to work with us and support us in this mission. Your small donation can help people in need and make smiles on their faces.we all knows that our small act of kindness can have a big positive change in society.

 Our Basic Criteria:

HELP-genuine based, Collecting information about the people who need help.

Treat all the individuals with respect and take care of  their dignity.

Note all the requirements carefully.


Our Team Responsibilities

Analyzing and understanding the specific needs of people.

Collecting & cleaning donations, labeling clothes, shoes, purses and accessories.

Selecting and sorting donations by category, seasonal, size, color, and type of clothing.

Maintaining a neat, safe, organized, and clean work environment at all times.

Sharing experiences, answering questions, and setting a standard for other volunteers.

Maintaining store inventory and closet supplies.

Performing other duties as assigned.

If you are interested in volunteering with Help Closet, please contact us.